Make small tournaments for friends and clubs easily.
Data are stored on cloud(server). You can access to it by your phones and tablets.

■Round robin
- Max 30 clubs
- Max 5 repeats.
- Show game behind
- Order by win ratio
- If 2 clubs have same rank. 
  Order by Win ratio, point differential within same rank clubs.

- Max 30 clubs
- Shuffle clubs

- Order by rate
- If you won, rate will rise. If you lost, rate will drop.
- Unlimited teams

■Club info
- Show tournaments and games club participate in.
- Statistics graphs

- Share game table, rank by twitter, email...etc

■Web site
- Show all tournaments.

■Other features
- Selecting score easily.



3.38 5x6 4x2 3x0 2x1 1x4